The Ontario Craft Beer Guide


With nearly one hundred new breweries, this second edition of The Ontario Craft Beer Guide is an indispensable field guide to the province’s beer.

The explosion of craft beer variety in North America has created a climate of amazing quality and bewildering options for beer drinkers. Choosing a drink in that landscape can be intimidating, but in The Ontario Craft Beer Guide beer lovers have a concise and expertly curated guide to over one thousand offerings, with simple tasting notes, ratings, and brewery biographies. Let noted experts Jordan St. John and Robin LeBlanc guide you to your next favourite beer, from your new favourite brewery.


Anyone who drinks beer in Ontario owes LeBlanc and St. John a pint for completing the arduous (no, really) job of cataloguing and rating many hundreds of brands, resulting in a thorough, authoritative and fascinating list.

National Post

While I do my best to steer readers in the right direction, Ontario beer drinkers owe a debt of gratitude to Jordan St. John and Robin LeBlanc.

Toronto Star

A brewcationer’s bible…essential to all craft beer fans.

London Free Press

This new and improved volume will act as a guide to myriad beer nerds’ self-led beer road trips, will be become as dog-eared and worn as Volume One did on the desk of any number of unnamed beer writers who used it as a reference, and will act as an invaluable introduction to any beer drinker looking to have his or her horizons expanded by the plethora of great beer being brewed in Ontario.

Ben’s Beer Blog

A hugely useful new intro to the beautiful madness that is the current scene.

NOW Magazine

I started ticking off the brews that I’ve tried, and I’ve learned that I have a lot of beer to discover.

Beer O’Clock

With this level of detail I can transpose my palate to their recommendations and still trust their recommendations. Trust. That’s it. I can trust a book like this. So can you.

A Good Beer Blog

A well-written, easy to read guide that every beer lover in or visiting Ontario should pick up.

Quench Magazine

About the Authors

Robin LeBlanc

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 27, 2015
Robin LeBlanc photo

Robin LeBlanc

Robin LeBlanc is a writer and photographer, the owner of the award-winning craft beer site The Thirsty Wench, and the author of Metroland North Media’s syndicated column “On Tap.” She has appeared on TV, radio, and newspapers preaching the gospel of good beer. Robin lives in Toronto.

Jordan St. John

Posted by Dundurn Guest on October 30, 2014
Jordan St. John photo

Jordan St. John

Jordan St. John was National Beer Columnist for Sun Media from 2011 to 2015 and writes under his own banner at He is the author of three books, including the award-nominated Lost Breweries of Toronto. A Certified Cicerone, Jordan collaborates with brewers across Ontario. He lives in Toronto.