Never Smile at a Crocodile


From the shores of Grand Cayman Island to an Ottawa basement loaded with secret bank records and the world’s first bulletproof vest, tax lawyer Paul DioGuardi’s clients have taken him places he never could have imagined. Now, Canada’s most (only?) popular taxman returns with a collection of stories of sensational tax dodges gone wrong — or right.

Diligent, eagle-eyed, and with an understanding of the tax system that only a former CRA man possesses, DioGuardi retells injustices that threatened to upend ordinary lives, snatching hapless Canadians from the jaws of a bureaucratic beast.

When tax shelters aren’t all they were cracked up to be, DioGuardi steps in to shore up the foundation — or get out before the whole thing crashes down. And if that happens to mean a trip to Mauritius or Luxembourg, so much the better.


It’s quick reading, always light and chatty, flows easily, not technical even when discussing specific (all of them non-viable) tax avoidance schemes…good entertainment value, a few good laughs along the way.

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Paul DioGuardi

Posted by Dundurn Guest on January 19, 2015
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Paul DioGuardi

Paul DioGuardi is a Canadian tax lawyer and author who co-hosts a monthly radio program on Newstalk 1010 and is a popular guest on television and radio shows across Canada. He has is co-authored two previous books on taxes: Tax Amnesty: Avoiding the Tax Trap and The Taxman Is Watching. He lives in Ottawa.