The Haunted Castle/Robena’s Rose-Coloured Glasses


In The Haunted Castle a friendly chessplaying ghost called Gus, who haunts the castle of King Krispen, assists Princess Laurinda and Jamie, the page, in proving the phoniness of villiany of Cadwallader and his Aunt Chatter.

In Robena's Rose-Coloured Glasses the villianous Z.B. Squintee wants to make Robena's marvelous, magical rose-coloured glasses. But Tony, the weatherman, Alex, the cat and two woodland friends, Rime and Time, work with the children in the audience to recover the glasses and to convince a tree called Golly taht a smile can give life a rose-coloured hue.

About the Author

Beth McMaster

Posted by Kendra on May 28, 2019

Beth McMaster

Beth McMaster has been writing children's plays since 1969. Her 26 plays add up to over 200 productions by more than 100 different companies in Canada, the U.S.A., and New Zealand with over 3,000 performances for over 35,000 children, making her a major children's playwright.