The Great Laundry Adventure


The Lawrence family (three children, one dog, one cat and two parents) has a crisis on its hands - too much laundry and no place to put it. Are the thirteen baskets they buy in the mysterious shop in the market the end of their problems? Or is it just the beginning of a grand and maybe dangerous adventure for Abigail, Jacob and Ernest? When the baskets become the gateway to another time, the children encounter mysteries which they must solve…before their parents disappear altogether.

About the Author

Margie Rutledge

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Margie Rutledge

Margie Rutledge was born in Midland, Texas. MargieÂ’s first novel for young people was The Great Laundry Adventure, which was followed by the sequel, The Busybody Buddha. She currently teaches English as a second language part-time and has a thriving writing career, focusing on fiction, freelance journalism, and agitprop theatre.