The Great Atlantic Canada Bucket List


Most Canadians think of travel as a way to escape the snow, cold, and dreary winter skies. But Robin Esrock loves all that our eastern provinces have to offer visitors, and so will you! The Great Atlantic Canada Bucket List highlights the best travel experiences to be had on Canada’s East Coast.

Not your typical travel guide, Robin’s recommendations encompass outdoor adventure and natural wonders as well as the unique food, culture, and history of the Maritimes. Categorized by province, The Great Atlantic Canada Bucket List will give you a first-hand perspective on:

• Ziplining over a waterfall in New Brunswick.

• Harvesting an iceberg for a Newfoundland cocktail.

• Exploring Nova Scotia’s Cabot Trail.

• Walking the seabed beneath Hopewell Rocks.

• Cycling across Canada’s island province.

• Rafting a tidal wave in the Bay of Fundy.


The beauty of being a travel writer comes straight through in this engaging book as unique, even quirky adventures, are endorsed along with the more standard fare.

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Esrock writes in an amusing, cheerful style, low on stuffy adjectives and high on action. He's experienced everything he recommends and often includes his own photos. This guide is perfect for those planning a trip or readers who just want to become better acquainted with the wonders of Atlantic Canada.

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One of Canada's top travel writers, and definitely one of our biggest personalities.

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Robin Esrock

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Robin Esrock

Robin Esrock is a bestselling author, journalist, TV host, and public speaker. His stories and photography have appeared in major publications on five continents, including National Geographic Traveler, the Guardian, Chicago Tribune, and the Globe and Mail. The creator and co-host of the internationally syndicated television series Word Travels, Robin lives in Vancouver, B.C.