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Governments all over the world are consistently outpaced by digital change, and are falling behind.

Digital government is a better performing government. It is better at providing services people and businesses need. Receiving benefits, accessing health records, registering companies, applying for licences, voting — all of this can be done online or through digital self-service. Digital technology makes government more efficient, reduces hassle, and lowers costs. But what will it take to make governments digital?

Good governance will take nothing short of a metamorphosis of the public sector. With contributions from industry, academic, and government experts — including Hillary Hartley, chief digital officer for Ontario, and Salim Ismail, founder of Singularity University — Government Digital lays down a blueprint for this radical change.


Over the next decade, expectations of how government services should be delivered will shift.... It is my hope that Canada will be at the forefront of this transformation, figuring out how good governance can be digitally distributed, and sharing what we find with the world.

— Tobias Lütke, CEO, Shopify

Estonia’s experience suggests that government digitisation provides numerous opportunities to make people’s lives easier and more efficient. Governments must not miss this opportunity. All public service leaders better read up on it from this book and get to action.

— Jüri Ratas, Prime Minister of the Republic of Estonia

This book is an excellent blueprint for governments around the world that need to retool their infrastructure, their policies and their citizens for the success in the interconnected, data-driven age. It provides great insight for all public office holders who dare to act boldly, using new ways to empower and serve modern citizenry and in the process promote public interest and preserve our freedoms.”

— Jim Balsillie, Chairman, Council of Canadian Innovators

Governments that get digital right will radically transform how it innovates, competes, and engages its constituent to drive economic growth and prosperity. Government Digital does a terrific job of setting the stage and prescribing how to design the right strategy and governance so countries can embrace the benefits of digital transformation.

— Manoj Saxena, Executive Chairman, CognitiveScale. Managing Director, The Entrepreneur’s Fund. Former General Manager, IBM Watson

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Alex Benay

Posted by Dundurn Guest on March 1, 2017
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Alex Benay

Alex Benay is the Chief Information Officer of the Government of Canada. Previously, he was the President and CEO of the Canada Science and Technology Museums Corporation (now called Ingenium — Canada’s Museums of Science and Innovation). He is also the author of Canadian Failures: Stories of Building Toward Success. He lives in Ottawa.