Fur Trade to Free Trade


In November 1988, the Canadian electorate voted to proceed with the Canada-U.S. Trade Agreement. Yet this historic decision is not the end of the process. In effect, it sets the stage for further discussion since a great deal remains open to negotiation over the next five to seven years.

Fur Trade to Free Trade examines both the strengths and weaknesses of the current agreement, arguing that Canada has to be ready to stand up to the Americans – and even risk abrogation of the deal as the details of this highly open-ended treaty are resolved. Equally important, it argues that there are lessons to be learned from history: this is only the latest step in a long and often complicated relationship between Canada and the United States. The book also examines Canada’s relationships with other major trading partners as the entire global village restructures to meet the challenges of a new century.

The second edition of this Dundurn best-seller includes an additional chapter updating events since the book’s first publication in June 1988 – including a review of the 1988 election, the most recent international trade figures, and an analysis of developing trends as the implementation stage of the agreement begins to unfold.

About the Authors

Randall White

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Randall White

Randall White holds a doctorate in political science and is an independent researcher and consultant on economic development issues for Ontario. Formerly he was a senior economist for the Ontario Ministry of Treasury and Economics.

Sam Hunter

Posted by Dundurn Guest on December 6, 2014

Sam Hunter

Sam Hunter was called "Canada's Outstanding Portrayer of Statesmen", whose depictions of political figures spanned the generations from Macdonald to Mackenzie King – and included "Uncle Sam" and the quintessential Canadian "Jack Canuck".