Falling for London


When Sean Mallen finally landed his dream job, it fell on him like a ton of bricks. Not unlike the plaster in his crappy, overpriced London flat.

The veteran journalist was ecstatic when he unexpectedly got the chance he’d
always craved: to be a London-based foreign correspondent. It meant living in a
great city and covering great events, starting with the Royal Wedding of William
and Kate. Except: his tearful wife and six-year-old daughter hated the idea of
uprooting their lives and moving to another country.

Falling for London is the hilarious and touching story of how he convinced
them to go, how they learned to live in and love that wondrous but challenging
city, and how his dream came true in ways he could have never expected.


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As an award-winning foreign correspondent, Sean Mallen has told many important stories from around the world. But none is as compelling, heartfelt and humorous as the tale he tells in Falling for London. A master storyteller, he puts you right beside him as he persuades his wife and six year old daughter to give London a chance. It's a wonderful story beautifully told.

— Terry Fallis, two-time winner of the Stephen Leacock Medal for Humour

I’ve been listening to Sean tell stories since we worked together as kid-journalists! He has a special touch. Bravo!

Wendy Mesley, Host of The Weekly (CBC)

Both armchair travelers and fans of humorous memoirs will be charmed.


Mallen entertains in this glimpse into the life of a foreign correspondent and his Canadian family’s experience living abroad.

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About the Author

Sean Mallen

Posted by Kendra on December 5, 2017
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Sean Mallen

Sean Mallen is an award-winning journalist, who covered stories across Canada and around the world for three decades. He is also a widely published travel writer. Sean lives in Toronto with his wife and daughter, all of whom desperately miss London.