Dynasties and Interludes


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An overview of the history of elections and voting in Canada, including minority governments, dynasties, and social movements.

Dynasties and Interludes provides a comprehensive and unique overview of elections and voting in Canada from Confederation to the most recent election. Its principal argument is that the Canadian political landscape has consisted of long periods of hegemony of a single party and/or leader (dynasties), punctuated by short, sharp disruptions brought about by the sudden rise of new parties, leaders, or social movements (interludes).

This revised and updated second edition includes an analysis of the results of the 2011 and 2015 federal elections as well as an in-depth discussion of the “Harper Dynasty.”


Some Canadian political books, like governments, are around for an interlude. But every now and then, one comes along with enduring, long-term value. Dynasties and Interludes has assumed a permanent place on my desk.

Dynasties and Interludes provides an account of federal elections in Canada that is both comprehensive and analytical. It is a must read for all who are interested in the changing patterns of politics in Canada.

Rightly shows that after one or two elections we can’t be sure we’re experiencing a dynasty or trend.

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About the Authors

Jon H. Pammett

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Jon H. Pammett

Jon H. Pammett is a political science professor at Ottawa’s Carleton University and co-editor of several studies of Canadian elections, including, most recently, Dynasties and Interludes: Past and Present in Canadian Electoral Politics.