Darkling Green


As spring comes to Eldritch Manor, Willa deals with the King of the Fairies, a terrifying creature, and the usual family drama.

Spring comes to Eldritch Manor, bringing with it all kinds of mayhem. The arrival of the King of the Fairies throws the resident fairies into a romantic tizzy. Mab neglects her knitting, resulting in holes in time through which any manner of evil can enter their world. Nature, weather, and time itself are all out of whack, and everyone is freaked about Willa’s upcoming “unlucky” thirteenth birthday. On top of everything, Willa makes a shocking discovery about her mother, which supports Belle’s claim that Willa is part mermaid!

Willa is plagued with questions. How can she be a mermaid if she doesn’t have a tail and is terrified of water? How long do dragons hibernate? Why are there time holes in the pool, and where do they lead? Why are the backyard plants invading the house? And why does she keep dreaming about a sinister Green Man?


[A] thoroughly enjoyable book.

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The series continues to be an imaginative and original take on mythology and fairy lore, and is a fun exploration of what might happen in a crossover world.

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The eternal themes of loyalty, betrayal, reconciliation, bravery and co-operation will attract the intended readers, both boys and girls.

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Especially recommended for the fantasy collections of public and school libraries.

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About the Author

Kim Thompson

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Kim Thompson

Kim Thompson is a filmmaker and television writer who has written scripts for many well-known children’s cartoons. She lives on Saltspring Island, British Columbia.