Crang Mysteries 6-Book Bundle


The smart-talking, wise-cracking, jazz-loving criminal lawyer has got a taste for straight vodka and a nose for trouble. No one could ever accuse Crang of being a superhero, but with his usual mixture of innate cool and naive enthusiasm he brings the villains to justice.

This 6-book bundle includes:
Crang Plays the Ace Crang Mystery #1
Straight No Chaser Crang Mystery #2
Riviera Blues Crang Mystery #3
Blood Count Crang Mystery #4
Take Five Crang Mystery #5
Keeper of the Flame Crang Mystery #6

“Like a fine wine, the [Crang] series — and its protagonist — have aged well.” The Toronto Star


Like a fine wine, the [Crang] series — and its protagonist — have aged well.

Toronto Star

Legal-thriller fans who haven’t discovered the Crang series are in for a treat.


Not to be missed.

Globe and Mail

About the Author

Jack Batten

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Jack Batten

Jack Batten, after a brief and unhappy career as a lawyer, has been a very happy writer for many years. The author of forty books, Batten has also reviewed jazz for the Globe and Mail, and, for twenty-five years, movies on CBC Radio. He currently writes the biweekly Whodunnit column in the Toronto Star. He lives in Toronto.