From Cold War to New Millennium


Canadian regimental histories are war stories that provide testimony to the feats of courage and tenacity of Canadians tested in combat or engaged in the sometimes tedious regimen of peace. These regimental histories speak to the collective military heritage and legacy of the country. They are, in fact, windows on our nation and ourselves. This volume, the companion to Establishing a Legacy, the first volume, provides a detailed account of The Royal Canadian Regiments story from 1953 to 2008.

The RCRs history after the Korean War paralleled the growth and evolution of Canada through dangerous and trying times, from the brink of nuclear Armageddon to a freefall of global destabilization, economic catastrophe, resurging global terrorism, and the birth of transnational terror networks. The RCR contributed to the victory in the Cold War, participated in the bitter stabilization campaigns of the 1990s in the former Yugoslavia, and fought and bled heavily in the reconstruction and counter-insurgency battle in Afghanistan.


the ultimate Canadian military book, a great history lesson for all generations.

Shelf Life (London, ON) (January, 2012)

"From Cold War to New Millennium differs from other regimental histories. In fact it rises above the level of mere regimental events to provide an excellent tour de force of the wider history of the Canadian army covering the gamut of Cold War soldiering, the beginnings of traditional peacekeeping to today’s peacemaking, through defence of Canadian exercises to aid of the civil power."

Chronicle Herald

About the Author

Bernd Horn

Posted by Kendra on April 19, 2016

Bernd Horn

Colonel Bernd Horn is a retired Regular Force infantry officer and military educator. Dr. Horn has authored, co-authored, and edited more than forty books, including A Most Ungentlemanly Way of War: The SOE and the Canadian Connection and No Ordinary Men: Special Operations Forces Missions in Afghanistan. He lives in Kingston, Ontario.