A City in the Making


A City in the Making examines certain of the events that took place in the nineteenth century Toronto, paying particular attention to those who carved a thriving metropolis out of the frontier post that was the town of York.


Professor Armstrong and Dundurn Press are to be congratulated on this important collection.

Kingston Whig Standard (April, 1989)

Readers of Ontario History will welcome this anthology, as Dundurn press continues its special mission of publishing our province's past. An impressive assortment of Armstrong articles of enduring value are preserved here in permanent form.

Ontario History

From his countless hours in the archives, Armstrong unearths many worthwhile stories, one of the most interesting being that of the mysterious Andrew Mercer ... His is just one of the fascinating stories in a valuable book from ... Dundurn Press.

The University of Toronto Bookstore Review (January, 1989)

Every section of this well-researched book makes solid contributions to our knowledge of Toronto's history.

The Beaver (April, 1990)

Armstrong bolsters his opinions with considerable evidence presented in a straightforward and readable manner without sacrificing academic integrity, a feat that commends this collection of 15 essays to a wide audience.

Globe and Mail (April, 1989)

...is of a value as it gathers together much material which would otherwise not easily see the light of day.

British Journal of Canadian Studies (January, 1990)

About the Author

Frederick H. Armstrong

Posted by Kendra on October 30, 2014

Frederick H. Armstrong

Frederick H. Armstrong, a graduate of the University of Toronto, is a Professor of History at the University of Western Ontario, and Fellow of the Royal Historical Society. He is the author or editor of numerous books and studies on Upper Canada including a new edition of Henry Scaddings Toronto of Old; Aspects of Nineteenth Century Ontario; and Toronto: The Place of Meeting.