Canoeing North Into the Unknown


Canoeing North Into the Unknown is an important book about canoeing Canada’s most remote and fabled rivers, the rivers that flow north to the Arctic. Bruce W. Hodgins and Gwyneth Hoyle have amassed an unparalleled amount of information on who canoed these rivers and when. The rivers have long been highways for the aboriginal peoples, and the journals of those who followed in their wake, from early fur-traders, missionaries and surveyors to 20th-century recreational canoeists, provide a rich heritage of history and adventure. The account of each river system includes a geographical description, its historical significance, and chronological records of those who have canoed its waters. As well, there are maps, photos, indexes and bibliography. This book will be indispensable to all who love canoe travel, the North, Canadian heritage and adventure.


Canoeing North Into the Unknown is the kind of book that has a space already waiting on the bookshelf of every wilderness canoeist. To many of us, our past is our future – and our future is here.

Canoeing in the northern wilderness of Canada can be a profoundly satisfying experience, resulting in an emotional bond with this primordial landscape. It offers physical exposure to the elements, hard work, a visual symphony of vistas, and the inner solace that only solitude can give. Canoeing North Into the Unknown provides a unique record of the history of canoe travel along the northern waterways of Canada.

The canoe is as much a symbol of Canada as the maple leaf or the beaver. Canoeing North Into the Unknown provides an exciting and comprehensive analysis of the importance of the canoe in the modern-day discovery of Canada's north.

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About the Authors

Bruce W. Hodgins

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014

Bruce W. Hodgins

Bruce Hodgins has lived in Peterborough since 1965, where Bruce was a Professor of History and Canadian Studies at Trent University until his retirement in 1996. Bruce served as Wanapitei's summer Camp Director until 1993.