Is Canada Even Real?


This quirky ode to a quirky land is a humorous nostalgia trip and a fun Canadian history lesson couched in a hipster quiz book.

If you’ve ever wondered

  • Why is the inuksuk more revered than Wheelchair Jimmy?
  • Does the iconic beaver really represent us better than The Littlest Hobo?
  • Is everyone going canoeing without me or is canoeing way less of a thing than it’s made out to be?

then this book is for you.

Is Canada even real? It’s a question that’s being asked more and more, thanks to our waterproof, see-through, supposedly maple-scented currency and our improbably hot prime minister’s assertion that Santa lives here.

In the age of Google Maps and #factcheck, how could the existence of Canada be questioned? And yet how could a nation that’s the home of toboggans, Drake, and KD exist in the same realm as, say, Belgium or Niger?

Is Canada Even Real? examines the cultural factors behind the twenty-first-century monolithic myth of Canada, a nation that is lovable and real — if only in your imagination.


A Dewey Divas and Dudes Summer 2017 pick


Is Canada even real? As real as my arms and legs. As real as Don Cherry’s jackets. Or a Gordie Howe hat trick. I real-ly (get it?) enjoyed this book.

Bryan McFarlane, creator of Peter Puck speaking as Peter Puck

“Quirky but real! Ours is a wise, weird, wonderful country. Let’s celebrate the fact!,”

Our Canada

[A] quirky nostalgia trip for Canadians who value contributions to our national identity.

Globe and Mail

With July 1st marking Canada’s celebration of 150 years as a country, there are a slew of new books that focus on some aspect of history or culture … one that stands out bears the unlikely title Is Canada Even Real?


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