The Book of Sam


Sam, the unchosen one, ventures to Hell to rescue his best friend.

Seventeen-year-old Sam Sullinger lives in the shadow of adolescence. Lost among his overachieving siblings and chided by his stern father, Sam finds himself the daily target of bullying. His only solace is his best friend and crush, Harper.

In a grand plan designed to help Sam confess his love to Harper, he sets off a series of events that lead to her being kidnapped to Hell. Racked with guilt, Sam makes a bold decision for the first time in his life: he’s going to rescue his only friend.

Sam is thrust into a vivid world fraught with demons, vicious beasts, and a falling city. Every leg of his journey serves to remind him that he isn’t some brave knight on a quest — he’s an insecure teenager who is yearning to make his mark on at least one world.

About the Author

Rob Shapiro

Posted by Kendra on September 17, 2019
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Rob Shapiro

Rob Shapiro is a novelist and TV writer who has dabbled in film, theatre, and copywriting. He recently wrote for Nelvana’s D.N.Ace and co-created two television series that are in development. Rob lives in Toronto.