Being Prime Minister


Behind the politics, discover the lives of Canada's leaders.

“What a life it is to be prime minister!” — John Diefenbaker

Canada has had twenty-three prime ministers, all with views and policies that have differed as widely as the ages in which they lived. But what were they like as people? Being Prime Minister takes you behind the scenes to tell the story of Canada’s leaders and the job they do as it has never been told before.

From John A. Macdonald to Justin Trudeau, readers get a glimpse of the prime ministers as they travelled, dealt with invasions of privacy, met with celebrities, and managed the stress of the nation’s top job. Humorous and hard working, vain and vulnerable, Canada leaders are revealed as they truly were.


Dewey Divas and the Dudes Spring 2018 Pick


With lively anecdotes and thoughtful insights, Stewart reminds us that there are human beings behind the headlines. This absorbing and original book explores aspects of political life that are too often ignored.

Charlotte Gray, author of The Promise of Canada

Bursts with details and anecdotes on the daily lives of the very human men and woman who have led us. A trove of trivia treasures.

John Ibbitson, Globe and Mail journalist and author of Stephen Harper

A fun and fascinating book that reminds us that prime ministers are human; each with unique strengths, quirks, and foibles. Well researched, crisply written, and refreshingly non-partisan, it is immensely enjoyable, gossipy, heartwarming.

John Boyko, author of Cold Fire

Each of the remarkable people who have occupied Canada’s highest office are brought vividly to life on the pages of this immensely readable book. A super fun and worthwhile read.

Senator Linda Frum

A valuable and insightful look at the triumphs, trials, and tribulations of the people who have held the highest office in the land. A must read for anyone who wants a better understanding of what it takes to lead our country.

Don Newman, retired senior parliamentary editor for CBC Television

There’s an increasing tendency these days to dehumanize political leaders of all stripes...Being Prime Minister gives us all a break from that brand of politics — and isn’t that what we’re all looking for this summer?

Toronto Star

With books, as with all else, one of the keys to success is making hard things seem easy. Stewart’s seemingly effortless recitation of coordinated, well-told anecdotes is the result of his formidable research.

Policy Magazine

A teacher of Canadian history in Toronto, Stewart has written a book that is wonderfully gossipy and is built on anecdotes and stories — “history by the ounce,” as historian Barbara Tuchman called it.

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