Algonquin Sunset


Anokì and his sister Pangì Mahingan have grown up, and now face a decision that will change their lives forever.

Twelve years after Mahingan was wounded battling for his life against the Haudenosaunee warrior known as Ö:nenhste Erhar (Corn Dog), we rejoin his family and learn what fate held for him.

Now, his children, Anokì and Pangì Mahingan, along with their twin cousins Makwa and Wàbek, are grown and have adult responsibilities. Still living with their Algonquin family, they have become a formidable fighting unit with the addition of three Mi´kmaq warriors, E´s, Jilte´g, and the fierce Elue´wiet Ga´qaquj.

However, there is danger in the land of the setting sun, and nothing is more dangerous than what the family is going to encounter from the fierce enemy of their new Anishinaabe allies: the Lakȟóta.


A most worthy instalment in the imaginative Algonquin Quest series … Recommended reading for those who like detailed historical fiction and a sound, well-told adventure story.

The Miramichi Reader

Readers interested in the details of Algonquin life and warfare in the 1300s will find the author’s knowledge of Native languages and attention to historical detail engaging.

Kirkus Reviews

Novels like Revelle’s document the rich and nuanced life of First Nations people … and also celebrate the majesty and splendor of early First Nation life, one [Revelle] depict[s] so admirably.

Canadian Materials

About the Author

Rick Revelle

Posted by Kendra on December 6, 2014
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Rick Revelle

Rick Revelle was born in Smiths Falls, Ontario, and raised in the Odessa and Wilton areas. He is a member of the Ardoch Algonquin First Nation. His two previous books in the Algonquin Quest series were I Am Algonquin and Algonquin Spring. He lives in Glenburnie, Ontario.