The Age of Fentanyl


Is there a way to end North America’s opioid epidemic?

North America is facing a crisis. The first warning signs appeared in media reports of OxyContin abuse and over-prescription in the 1990s. Today, there is an opioid epidemic — fentanyl is the leading cause of overdose death in North America. From his perspective as an addiction physician working on the front lines of the epidemic, Dr. Brodie Ramin discusses the disease and the cure.

Looking beyond the obstacles, The Age of Fentanyl brings the hopeful message that just as patients and health care workers rallied together to fight the HIV epidemic one generation ago, a coalition of patients, advocates, scientists, doctors, and nurses are finding solutions and making plans to stem the overdose deaths, block the spread of fentanyl, and end the epidemic.

About the Author

Brodie Ramin

Posted by Kendra on June 18, 2019
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Brodie Ramin

Dr. Brodie Ramin is an addiction physician, an assistant professor at the University of Ottawa, and a diplomate of the American Board of Addiction Medicine. He lives in Ottawa.