101 Fascinating Hockey Facts


101 fascinating stories about hockey that will enlighten and delight fans.

Have you heard about the referee who was dragged back to the rink by an angry mob demanding he change the result? Or the play-off goal that was scored with half a puck? Or the fourteen-year-old who played in a professional game? In 101 Fascinating Hockey Facts, NHL elder-statesman Brian McFarlane tells these along with 98 other tales from the rink. Packed with trivia and did-you-knows, hockey fans will love flipping through this collection to test their knowledge and to find tidbits from the game to share with their friends.

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Brian McFarlane

Posted by Dundurn Guest on February 26, 2019
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Brian McFarlane

Brian McFarlane is an author, hockey historian, and Hockey Hall of Fame broadcaster. He was a broadcaster on Hockey Night in Canada for twenty-five years and spent another three with NBC. Brian lives in Stouffville, Ontario, and winters in Naples, Florida.